Wednesday, June 2, 2010

24 weeks...

We had our 24 week doctor appointment yesterday. Everything is going so well! It was kind of a big appointment since my OBGYN had gone on maternity leave herself and I hadn't seen her since I was 8 weeks. I have been going to her for a very long time and she was so excited when we had our first appointment. It was good to see her again and she was so pleased with how everything is going with us. I had a few questions for her and as always, she put my mind at ease. I was a little concerned over not gaining much weight (something I know I should be happy about but still made me a little nervous) and also still not having a noticeable belly. I mean, I certainly have one but I guess I thought I would be a lot bigger by now. She said I was measuring fine so there was no worry. So all around, it was a really positive visit. Our next one is in 3 weeks and I have to do the glucose drink at that one (I have heard about that!) and also I have to have a shot because I am RH- and Damien is RH+ so I guess my body could reject the baby's blood if he is positive and also as a precaution for our next baby(ies?)

So this is not what I wore to school today but we are headed out to a friend's parents' house for dinner. One of Damien's best friends is home from LA and we are going to have dinner with his family. Should be a fun night!

PS The motorcycle is Damien's. I took the safety course myself and passed so really I should have my motorcycle license but I never got my permit (long story) so I don't technically have it, although I do know how to drive a motorcycle. Someday...

yellow scarf- gifted from friend
blue tank- F21 $8
black tank- Marshall's $10
black leggings- F21 $20
black flip flops- J Crew $12

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