Wednesday, May 19, 2010

22 weeks and growing

I officially have the baby bump! I have had a little one for awhile but it seemed to come and go. But this one is here to stay. I am now wearing maternity pants (thanks to some great friends and H&M) and switching off between maternity shirts and regular old ones. I will be returning to leggings as well and as soon as it is warm enough, I will be seeing how many of my dresses I can still wear. I am also feeling Max kick a lot for the first time. Damien still hasn't been able to feel him but I know that is coming soon. We both can't wait.

One of my students made me 2 wooden teething rings in wood-tech class. I meant to bring them home today and get a picture of them so I will have to do that this week. I love the idea of handmade, non-plastic toys. I think Max will have many wooden and cloth/yarn toys. We will be registering soon and I want to stay away from as much plastic as I can. I know it is inevitable with certain things but I think that the basic things can be found in good old-fashioned wood.

In work news...for the first time in years I will not be going on the senior class trip and I am actually kind of bummed. I have run the trip or chaperoned it for the last few years and it is usually one of the more enjoyable things of the year. This senior class only has 40 students going away and so we had to limit the number of chaperones going. And since I am pregnant and the trip is to a bunch of cabins in Maine with ropes courses and a white water rafting trip, I volunteered myself to stay home. The kids keep begging me to go but I had to pass. I know I will be regretting it tomorrow when they are all heading out of the building and I am sitting in my classroom, teaching new vocabulary to freshmen. Man, I think I already am regretting it...

ps. don't mind the hanging switch plate behind me. Mind you, the basement is 95% done...

yellow scarf- gifted from friend
grey maternity long sleeve t-shirt- on loan from friend
green maternity cargo pants- H&M $15 (sale)
black flip-flops- J Crew $12

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  1. Beautiful mama! If you're in love with natural toys check out Nova Natural at
    We love their stuff. I think I love their stuff more than the babies do. :)


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