Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Forever 31

So I know a lot of people have opinions about Forever 21 and the quality of some of their clothing, but honestly, I always seem to have good luck there. I am just not someone who is willing to spend a lot of money on most of my clothes and thrifting can be so hit or miss. Styles come and go and mine is always changing. I went into Urban Outfitters the other day and while I really love so much of their stuff, it is really expensive (for me!) I found 2 shirts that I really loved and they would have cost me $80. And I am not all that sure that the quality is that much better. I have certainly splurged on some staple items and I feel I got my money's worth. But for my day to day style, I find F21 to offer me a wide selection and their stuff tends to fit me very well. I am generally the most successful at F21, H&M and Target. How about you guys?

dress/tunic-F21 $22
leggings- F21 $18
cardigan- F21 $20
shoes- Berks $55


  1. I am glad you have good luck at forever 21 - I rarely find clothes that work for me. I do buy undershirts there - $2.50 for an undershirt - can't beat that!!

    I have yet to find the stores that fit me well and are a great price, so i will keep searching. Glad you found your stores.

  2. no love for Beck's and our shoe shopping extravaganza?

  3. Hi Sarah! I love reading your blog and seeing the outfits you put together. I've been finding them very inspiring lately - helping me to mix and match more of my own items in ways I might not have thought to do! I could not agree with you more about not wanting to spend a lot of money on clothes. If I'm going to spend $50, I had better walk away with a couple of items, at least!

    I also like and yet cannot afford Urban Outfitters. But, H&M, Target, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls are all good places to hunt for similar items. I usually hit up the clearance racks first. One place I just discovered is GH Bass & Co (at Patriot Place.) It's a bit preppy, but their sale items were great (hello quality argile sweater for $10!!!) The Eddie Bauer outlet is along these lines as well.

    OK, just felt like sharing my two cents today! Hope all is well - see you and Damien soon I hope! :-)


  4. I have more of a problem with the ethics of the company itself but I do understand not wanting to pay high prices for trendy items. I say, go with what works for you!


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