Saturday, February 6, 2010

Flashy sequins

Wow and I glad that it is Saturday. I haven't been posting on the weekends but I figured since I didn't post much at all this past week and I did do some self-style shots last night, that I could make an exception. Plus it is another cold day and I don't feel much like moving off of my couch.

Last night I chaperoned yet another high school semi-formal dance. I was actually in charge of this one again which added to the stress of the week. It was Winter Carnival week at our high school and Student Council is in charge of most of the events. They had spirit days all week (themed dress days) and last year, I went all out and dressed up every day. I have to say I was pretty lame this year, only taking part in Twin Day. But the kids had a great time. Oh, and there was a hypnotist and once again, last year, yours truly got hypnotized and ended up singing I Will Survive in front of an entire auditorium of high school students. I stayed in my seat this year.

The dance was a success and more importantly, it is over with. Ha! I wore a dress that I had bought about a month ago and I really love it. I kept the little shrug on all night to make it more chaperone appropriate, although some of the girls did tell me to "work it." I didn't. I should have done a better job getting a detail shot, since the dress is pretty intricate. The top of it is nude with black lace over it. Most of the dress is then made up of smaller sequins but towards the bottom, there are a few inches of larger sequins. The bottom is black tule. I ended up going sans jewelry since the dress had so much going on.

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the weekend and if you are snowed in and own an iPhone, I highly recommend the app Words with Friends. I am extremely addicted right now and am always looking for new competition! You can find me under the username smalltownchic.

black shrug- F21 $12
black sequin dress- Marshalls $20
black nylons- Walmart $4
black kitten heels- Target $24


  1. Love your dress -- it's really chic.

    You sound like a fun teacher -- I remember my own spirit week and the teachers who would get up to perform in the cafeteria during lunch were always the coolest. :)

    - JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

  2. Wow...I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like chaperoning a school dance. How do you refrain from dancing like a bunch of the kids?

  3. Ha ha that is a great question. But there is something about watching the kids dance that makes you not want to join in!

  4. Great dress! I know exactly what you mean about watching the kids dance. I've luckily only had to chaperone one dance this year.

    I don't have an iphone, but my fiance does and is desperately looking for people to play with. His name is andyisterribleatchess if you want to play with him. He's pretty good an always beats me at scrabble.

  5. Really love this dress and it's perfect for a school dance - packs a punch but is still appropriate. Really pretty!

  6. I am loving the sequins!!! What a perfect dress for chaperoning! I bet your students think you are incredibly stylish!!

  7. Cute blog. I love the dress!

  8. what a fun dress! love it!


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