Wednesday, January 6, 2010


So I am half-way through what always is one of the hardest weeks at work, the week after winter break. And I am exhausted. Literally. I have been on the go since Monday morning and I am beat. I have been so good about my new vegan diet, and I have to say, it is going great. I have been cooking up a storm (peanut butter cups, lentil soup, banana bread) just to name a few and since I have never been much of a cook, it has been an exciting challenge. Well, I shouldn't say that I am not much of a cook, I just never do it. But this is forcing me to be creative and try new things and it has been fun. And yummy. I have also been keeping up with my gym routine and have added pilates into the mix. One night a week, which is plenty. What a workout! And now I am thinking of starting a belly-dancing class. My neighbor does it and says it is a blast. Have any of you ever tried it? I think I am up for the challenge!

This is actually what I wore yesterday. I was way too tired this morning to put any real thought into my outfit and since I didn't do a post last night, I am using yesterday's pictures. I felt like a candy-striper with my red striped shirt but I loved it with the higher waisted pants and red belt. And I had bought this cardigan years ago at Old Navy and just loved the polka-dots with the stripes!

cardigan- Old Navy $20?
red striped blouse- Wet Seal $12
red belt- gift from Damien
brown dress pants- Charlotte Russe $30
brown shoes- old?
yellow gloves- gift from my mom
necklace- F21 $5


  1. I love yoga and pilates...I've tried belly dancing but I kinda like the first two better.

    I love your red patent really is the statement piece in this ensemble.

  2. That belt is SEXY! I adore this look -- you look fabulous in red, Sarah!


  3. Those gloves and that belt are such pretty colors!
    Good luck with your work!
    - JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

  4. Lovely outfit, and congrats on going vegan! I don't have a fashion blog but I have a vegan blog - come check it out :)

  5. I love that top, Sarah! I love it especially with the cardigan and yellow gloves. You look adorable!!

    Ooh and I love belly dancing! These are the times I really wish we lived closer to each other because I would love to do belly dancing again with someone. Anyways, you will have a blast if you do it!


  6. Do bellydancing!I started at school and did it for a long time, and now I´m crazy for getting some time to start again later. It´s funny and soooo good!
    I love the yellow gloves, are so cute!

  7. Love the red belt and the mix of prints! And would you mind emailing me your lentil soup recipe? I haven't been able to master it yet... The recipes I've found are super complicated.

  8. not sure why i am slow to get your updates on my dashboard! anyway, love that striped top with the brown pants and the belt just tops it off. great look!

  9. Polkadots and stripes are cuuute. :) Good luck with the vegan diet! I've tried it many times and would say that, now, I'm about 89% vegan... the rest of the time is "just" vegetarian. It's tough! But it is a rewarding and creative challenge. :)


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