Monday, October 26, 2009

I heart stripes

Who doesn't? I kind of forgot about this shirt to be honest and in my frantic state this morning trying to find something to wear, I rediscovered it in my bottom drawer. I love that it is striped but I love more that it is on the longer side so it doesn't ride up me hips all that much (I tend to have this problem since my hips are on the bigger side). I paired my favorite scarf and boots with it and my grey skinnies. I threw the hat on when I got home since I am not allowed to wear hats to work, but totally would have worn this one if it were allowed. I am doing an early post today since I just got home from the gym, am about to shower, eat and clean up the house. I didn't want to run out of time later. I hope everyone had a fantastic Monday!

grey/black fedora- F21 $12
scarf- F21 $10
grey/black striped turtleneck- F21 $12
grey skinny jeans- Pac Sun $30
black merrill boots- Marshalls $100


  1. lovin the pattern mixing here!

  2. I heart stripes too... and I heart your scarf!! Very cute outfit! :)


  3. I wish I could rock Skinnies to work! I would so wear outfits like this everyday...but we are to dress like we have sticks up our you know whats! lol ". UGH!

  4. Cute! Love the mix of prints in your hat, scarf & shirt.


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