Thursday, October 29, 2009

Beautiful fall tree (and 2 days til Halloween)

When I pulled in my driveway today after school, after an hour executive board meeting with Student Council, I was completely in a rush, trying to get in and change to go on a walk with a friend. I jumped out of my car, and had my neighbor not been sitting in her car, about to pull out, I would not have noticed the ordinary tree at the end of my driveway, which had transformed into the most amazing fall tree. She mentioned the tree to me (which I had parked partly under) and I turned to take a look. Wow, that is where I had to do my self-style shot. The walk would have to wait since I wasn't sure if the tree would. I really love how these pictures came out. The color of my shirt matched perfectly with the fall foliage. I also wore my wedding headband today and I always feel great when I wear that! Had I more time in the morning (if I got myself out of bed earlier) I would have added a black necklace to today's outfit. So now I know, for next time.

So 2 DAYS TIL HALLOWEEN!!!!! I am so super excited. Seriously. I think this is how I must have felt when I was little on Christmas Eve. My costume is great. I haven't put it all together yet but here it is: sequin black leggings, black tutu, black and blue sequin tank top, a small black sequin top hat with attached black veil, black lace parasol, and makeup, makeup, makeup. I am thinking my gold sequin ballet slippers and gold glitter all over me!!!

Damien and I are getting together tomorrow night with our friends that are throwing the party with us (Hey Laney!) to create and build all of the decorations. We have an old fashion popcorn maker and we rented a cotton candy machine. Mostly everyone I know that is coming is dressing for the theme so all together, we should look pretty great. I will be sure to take plenty of pics!!!! Can't wait to see what you are all doing and being for Halloween!

black flower headband- F21 $5
black shrug- F21 $16
pink sparkle shirt- Marshall's $12
black denim leggings- F21 $24
black merrill boots- Marshall's $100


  1. love the purple with the fall background! have fun at the party:)

  2. omg! those colors are so pretty! Im jealous! In my last post i was complaining how none of our leaves are pretty yet! :(
    I love that purple on you!

  3. Love purple on you so much! You look so pretty!

    Happy Halloween!! :)


  4. I love the burst of purple... love these images.

    Have a great weekend!


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