Saturday, September 19, 2009

Weardrobe sessions-I can never buy just one...

Does anyone else have this problem? (please say yes) Whenever I go shopping and I find something that I like, I have to buy it in a few different colors, shapes, sizes, what have you. I tell myself, Self, you only need one animal print top on this shopping trip. But inevitably, another one presents itself to me and I cave. Just like that. But what's worse is I say, Self, you can't wear those back to back. It is essentially the same outfit. But inevitably, it presents itself to me in my closet, and I cave. Just like that. Or just like this.

blue zebra print top- H&M $20
dark skinny jeans- F21 $12
black/white polka dot shoes- Wet Seal $12
faux black leather jacket- F21 $30
white beads- I don't remember!
black/white shades- Heritage 1981 $5

In other news... I am having a blast discovering fun places to shoot my daily style shots. Who knew the backyard could be so much fun!


  1. Haha I totally relate. My biggest problem is falling in love with something and not wanting to wear anything else for weeks!

  2. Exactly. I am already having remorse for having worn this shirt this weekend since I want to wear it to school this week. No one will notice, right?

  3. yes it happens to me. i buy two or three and then have the guilt. i love that blue on you. i think that's my fave color on you.


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