Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Weardrobe contest-First day of classes (well, for freshmen)

So we had some students today. But only freshmen. It was their orientation and it went fine. I have 2 freshmen classes and they all seem very sweet. I am excited for classes to actually start!

I didn't post yesterday because, honestly, I ran out of time and I didn't do my self-portrait. I worked until 3:30, came home, went for a walk with my friend Lauren and her two adorable little girls (wow, pushing a stroller is a great workout!), went to the gym (legs day), went grocery shopping, made dinner (white bean and avocado wraps, mmmmmmm), ate dinner, worked on my new website ( and went to bed. I was exhausted from getting up earlier than normal and actually working all day so I think I fell right to sleep last night. Oh, the start of a new school year.

So today's outfit was some of my new school digs. The shirt, which I am in love with, I actually found at Wet Seal. I hate the name of that store, ha, and find a lot of their stuff to be just too young for me. But occasionally I find some great things and this shopping excursion was one of those times. I love the colors and the style of it. For school, I had to wear a black shrug with it but I still liked the way that it looked. I wore it with black jeans from F21 and black/grey kitten heels from Target. I am headed out to eat tonight with Damien and his best friend Joe so I changed into black leggings and gladiator style shoes (although, with the chilly weather, I may put the jeans back on). I also tried it with my other faux leather jacket from Marshalls, which I don't love as much as my F21 one, but it's still pretty great!


  1. wow, i love that color blue on you! what a cute top and i know what you mean about wet seal. i feel like an alarm is going off because i am too old to shop there, which i am. sometimes it's hard for me to find clothes that aren't too juniorish.

  2. I know. I usually do an initial walkthrough, find nothing, and then start really looking, hoping there is something I can find. This time, I did find a bunch. A lot of skirts and I love that they have the XL size since junior sizes are so freaking tiny!

  3. i love that outfit with the sandals. those are amazing!

  4. Thanks Jamie Lynn. I found those at Heritage 1981. They were a great find!


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