Saturday, September 26, 2009

Home football game

So our high school football team had their first home game today. They won! I generally try and attend as many sporting events (and other events) as possible. This year, Damien is the team photographer so we plan on being at all or at least most of the games. My friends are the coaches and many of my students are on the team. It was the perfect weather to be outside, enjoying the fresh air and rooting on the home team. I did my self-style shots once we got home and I was struggling finding some sunlight. I was back in my backyard memorial and I managed to find a patch of sunlight.

Tomorrow I am off early, to another student council event. We are heading to Charlestown, RI to clean the beach! We do this twice a year and we have around 60 kids signed up to go. We'll see how many actually show, since the weather is supposed to be kind of bad tomorrow. I am not sure that I will get in a self-style shot since I plan on wearing old jeans and a sweatshirt and my rain boots, of course! Maybe I'll sneak a few shots in at the beach, but no promises!

aviator sunglasses- Heritage 1981 $5
grey plaid scarf- F21 (I think) $?
tan capsleeve sweater- Charlotte Russe $20
purple 3/4 length top- Charlotte Russe $10
grey skinny jeans- Pac Sun $30
cloth tan boots- Charlotte Russe $20


  1. I am sure you were the best dressed person at that game! Fab outfit!

  2. Your outfit is great! I can't believe your boots are so cheap - they are really nice. :)

    Hope you had a good time at the game!

  3. Thats so great that you guys are going to all the games! high school football games are so much fun. They were my favorite part... friday night games with everyone there! Really cute outfit. The scarf is very pretty, and I like the layered look here. I'm such a fan of short sleeves or vests over longer sleeves. Very nice!!



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