Sunday, August 30, 2009

My last day of summer.

This is it. Summer break is officially over and I have to report to work tomorrow at 8am. I won't see any of the kids until Wednesday, which is almost worse. Tomorrow and Tuesday are all meetings, all day long. It will be nice to see my fellow co-workers and I did have a great summer. It just goes so quickly....

So today, Damien and I got up early and went for an hour bike ride. It was nice since it was pretty cool out. We found the perfect lot of land for when we build our next house (not any time soon, but eventually we would love to have an ultra-modern home, inside and out, possibly a weehouse, a prefab home that is made up of any number of cubes-if you've never seen one, check out the link, they are so, so cool). We then went to a park in town and rode around a bit. We took some panning shots of one another with our trusty point-and-shoot. When we got back, I went on a shopping binge since I felt I needed some fresh back-to-school outfits. I found a bunch of stuff and am so excited to wear them. I don't think I will waste one on tomorrow or Tuesday though since we can be casual. Oh, and I decided that dark, skinny jeans don't count as dress-down day. I am wearing them anytime I want because it is necessary. (or at least until I get in trouble!)


  1. These pics are fun. You even look cute on a bike!! Where are you guys? Is that in S.O.U.? I need to come biking there! Too bad we both start school tomorrow and our schedules will now be totally opposite :-(

  2. i wore dark skinny jeans today to work since we had training and a/c makes it like three degrees in there. anyway, our students started back and i am working on my schedule to get started myself. ready or not! love your plaid shirt btw.

  3. @ Zabby- yes it is S.O.U! It wasn't that sucky though :)

    @D- I know what you mean. I was expecting our library to be three degrees too since it always is when we have meetings in there and the AC was off, so I nearly passed out! But they got it on soon enough. Good luck with work :)


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