Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Late winter/early spring

It was a busy start to 2016.  But a good one.  School trips and family walks and a whole lot more.  

Unfortunately, Damien broke his toe 2 days before our snowboarding trip to Jay Peak, so we spent A LOT of time in the lodge.  Thank goodness for Parks and Rec and Netflix.  This was most likely our last time taking the kids to Jay Peak but we hope to make it up there again next winter.  With all of our toes intact.  

Late winter/early spring is such a nice time for walks.  We certainly did a lot of exploring in our old mill town.  There are some great walking paths by the rivers/canals which make for great rock collecting (and throwing) as well as picture taking.  The following pictures are from a few different days, as it slowly got warmer and warmer.

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