Saturday, September 12, 2015

Maine, August 2015

Our final trip of the summer was up to Maine to stay at my dad's for a week.  We arrived Monday afternoon and left on Friday.  I had just finished my second-to-last Master's course so it was nice to get away for a bit.  Max loves going to Grandfather's house.  He carried a pair of binoculars with him the entire time to try and catch any glimpses of wildlife that he might come upon.  We did a lot of exploring, went to a touch tank at the local beach and hit up the playground.  Here are some photos (okay, a lot of photos) from our visit.

Around the yard

Driving around

The beach

Late evening drive to the beach/lighthouse

Touch tank

Fort William Henry

Around the house

 At the playground

Getting ready to leave King Ro/Shaws

Quick stop at Kittery Trading Post

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