Friday, July 10, 2015

The Sox

Years ago, I held the title of Number One Red Sox Fan in my house.  Truth be told, my house only consisted of Damien and me but still, not everyone has held such a title.  Fast-forward 8+ years and I can honestly say I don't even know who is on the team.  Professional sports in general hold no interest to me anymore.  But when a good friend got 30 tickets to a game and invited us to come along, I jumped at the chance to buy some tickets.  Max had heard of the Red Sox but didn't know too much about them.  In fact, the morning after I told him that we were going to a Red Sox game, he said to me "Thank you for buying those tickets to the soccer game for me".  Oh Max.  It ended up being a perfect night to go to a game and we filled the front half of the train car headed in to the city.  Max had many of his friends with him and so did I.  We lasted until the 7th inning and then caught the train out of the city.  It's one of those trips that will always be special to me.

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